What’s going on?

I’m sorry for letting it go 5 weeks since the last update. We’ve been pretty busy getting acquainted with our lovely daughter Amelia and our new roles as parents. We’re still progressing towards opening the tool shed, just working my way through the tax exempt documentation for the IRS. If anyone has experience with this sort of paperwork I’d appreciate any help that would be offered. Also, be sure to request tools you’d like to see available for checkout in the tool shed.

2 thoughts on “What’s going on?”

  1. I was just on the web looking for a resource to borrow a pressure canner. More of a kitchen thing than a general household tool, but it’d be cool to have a place to go to borrow an ice cream maker or a bread machine, instead of having to own one.

    1. Melissa,
      We have a pressure canner you can borrow, do you still need it? Probably wont go into the general tool library due to my lack of knowledge and therefore risk of loaning it out when it isn’t safe to do so. Maybe in the future we’ll have a kitchen gadget expert that can direct us properly.

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