Baby Gym

IMG_20140423_182823 No, our newest addition (Henry) isn’t pumping iron. But he is curious and loves to look at things, so that means it’s time for a baby gym. Before we are able to roll over or crawl, we’re still intrigued by our environment. My wife asked me to build a wood baby gym, but when I was in Home Depot getting the parts for the Storage Shelves, I walked past the PVC section and the following project was born. Tools:

  1. Miter Box
  2. Hack Saw
  3. Tape Measure
  4. Misc Bits (Pen, sandpaper, adhesive, paint)

IMG_20140423_182859 Process:

  1. Measure – (1) 2′ piece + (4)1′ pieces
  2. Cut – using the miter box and hacksaw to keep it straight
  3. Join – we’re using friction fit with the joints until we sand and paint


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