Tool babies

Maybe it’s because our first baby is due in the end of may, or maybe it’s just because it’s spring (though quickly turning to summer), but I’m pretty sure my tools were busy in their storage boxes and have made tool babies. It’s a great thing, though most of the multiples are pretty common tools, but they’re tools nonetheless.

I finally got around to pulling most of the miscellaneous boxes off the shelf in the garage and tried to get most the tools onto the wall in the garage so I can see where we’re starting with the availability of tools. Now I’ll need to come up with a good way to catalogue and identify each tool and then we’ll be that much closer to opening the garage door and sending them off to fix, build, and make things all over the city.

Hello World

When you can’t get something out of your head, it’s best to get it out online. Such is the case with Phoenix Tools. I’ve wanted to initiate a tool library for awhile here in Phoenix AZ and have always found a reason not to see it through. Today marks the initiation phase for Phoenix’s first tool library (that I’m aware of). I have much to contemplate and less time than ever to do it in, so if you have input or would like to help – please do.